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Jolt Capital


Jolt - Transparent

Jolt Capital SAS is a fully independent Private Equity firm that specialises in Growth Capital Technology Investing, and is authorised & regulated by the AMF (Autorité des Marchés Financiers).

Jolt Capital generates returns for its investors by enabling growth stage technology-rich companies with strong fundamentals to execute their growth strategies, in sectors that offer strong exit potential across Hardware-Driven solutions and Software-Driven Solutions, including Mobility, Cloud,  Sensors, AI, Big Data, Robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), Cyber security, Industry 4.0/connected factories, Semiconductors, advanced materials, energy management and Digital Health.

Jolt invests €10m to €25m in European technology companies on the cusp of global growth and transforms value, triggers inflection points & accelerates realizations for each portfolio company by:

  • Driving business strategy and working closely & collaboratively with management and board, accelerating future realizations
  • filling C-level executive talent gaps, identifying and securing strategic partners globally – especially in Asia, conceiving and executing build-up M&A transactions
  • increasing control of larger segments of the value chain and exponentially scaling up
  • Conceiving and executing realization transactions on global markets after critical mass achieved

Jolt was founded in 2011 by Jean Schmitt, an experienced, successful technology entrepreneur and investor at Sofinnova and has built a team with over 200 years of relevant technology executive management, operating and investment experience and deep & varied global networks. The senior team know each other and have worked together many years and have strong chemistry and cohesion, which provides a better experience for portfolio companies and investors.


Growth Capital Investing

As industry insiders, Jolt Capital has an ingrained understanding of the scaling constraints facing growth stage technology companies originating in Europe, from both an operational and financing perspective. As such, Jolt Capital enables and catalyzes the requisite expansion by financing Working Capital, CAPEX and strengthening Balance Sheets, while facilitating operational and capital efficiency with strategic guidance across Intellectual Property (IP), Internal Processes, Partnerships, Talent, Board Membership, M&A and more.

  • Financing Working Capital

Fast growing technology companies in Europe need to finance their working capital in order to scale effectively in competitive markets. Despite their robustness, limited access to bank financing is a recurring constraint on company growth. Jolt Capital partners with these great companies by filling this gap with mutually beneficial equity investments.

  • Financing Capex

Growing technology companies routinely require significant capex across the organization in areas such as manufacturing, servers, facilities, testing, etc. Jolt Capital supports companies in their Capital Expenditures on the path to sustainable growth and profitability.

  • Financing European Growth

Jolt Capital fosters European mid-size companies’ growth and profitability by financing their working capital, capex, external growth strategies and overall strengthening their balance sheet, in an approach that is mutually favourable to Jolt’s investors, Jolt’s portfolio companies and Europe as a whole.