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Jolt Capital fully exited Verimatrix, selling its remaining to shares to One Equity Partners in May 2020 (see here & here).

Verimatrix Euronext Paris FR0010291245 – VMX provides comprehensive embedded security solutions.

Verimatrix secures revenue for multi-network, multi-screen video services around the world. It offers fast deployment through unmatched numbers of partner integrations, highly responsive customer support and award-winning technology. With a forward-thinking solutions approach, it boasts multiple industry awards for innovation, deployment and flexibility. In addition, it is the trusted specialist in security solutions that address multiple video delivery networks with a unified approach to rights management. It operates across 208 million devices in 108 different countries, and works with over 940 operators.

Mission and vision

In response to today’s “Internet of Everything” threats, where billions of devices have to be trusted, Security is fundamentally re-shaping, Internet security is at the edge of an important crossroads, from the world of “connected security” to “embedded security”, where only true protection lies. Security is moving from a world where any device/object was considered “secure” when connected to a smart card — to a world of security embedded at the heart of the system, at the heart of the main processor of the device. Inside Secure drives security innovation to meet demands of new Mobile and “Internet of Everything” age by designing, developing and selling embedded security systems in order to protect transactions, content, and communication.

Embedded Security