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With most mobile phone users looking at their phones >100 times a day, and consumers still preferring to (or being more likely to) make purchase decisions while at brick and mortar stores, Vectuary is proving a solution to funnel potential customers to physical stores where conversion rates are higher (compared to online), thereby generating incremental traffic for physical stores. To do this, Vectaury offers a geo-location based programmatic advertising platform for retailers and brands that have physical stores (advertisers) enabling them to better target their customers. Vectaury’s data-centric geo-fencing tool allows advertisers to interact throughout their customers’ journeys (>25 million profiles), optimising the context of communication for maximum efficacy. As an advocate for transparent collection and responsible processing of mobile data, protecting personal data is inscribed in the company’s DNA and in the solutions it offers. As such, while capturing billions of data points per month, Vectaury’s methodology is fully GDPR compliant.

In doing so, Vectaury also offers the ability to attribute the relative return on advertising investments more accurately than many alternate customer targeting solutions. Vectaury provides a Demand Side Platform (DSP) integrated with its own Data Management Platform (DMP) in addition to a Trading Desk for Advertisers to plan, design and manage ad campaigns.