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Skill and You was acquired by Andera Partners in July 2018 (see here). As such, this information page has not been updated since.

  • Education as a Service

Skill and You is the leading online Vocational Education & Training (VET) provider in France, delivering more than 250 courses through its 11 specialised schools to more than 100,000 students, with satisfactions rates over 90%. Skill &You provides a customised learning pathway for those looking to change careers and/or up skill, as well as those who are seeking a semi-professional hobby.

In addition, Skill & You allows those who may not have had the ability to complete school or attend university with practical, high value adding education that is delivered at a pace that works in sync and compliments their daily lives. As education moves beyond a static and compartmentalised learning towards something that is dynamic, reinforced and updated throughout careers, Skill & You is best placed to enable students and professionals to match their competences to the market and close the skills gap within countries. Courses are typically run over two years.

Skill and You is headquartered in France, while some of its schools (le Cours Servais & École Chez Soi) have been operational since 1891.

Skill and You delivers real expertise to its students through its portfolio of 11 schools, with each specialising in one sector:

  1. Educatel, a specialist in distance learning with over 130 courses across 20 sectors. (Acquired in Oct’17)
  2. Lignes et Formations, the school of creative professions
  3. IFSA, Pet Care Training Institutes
  4. Karis Formations, School of Beauty Trades and Wellness
  5. Natura-Dis, the nature school
  6. Le Cours Minerve, specializing in paramedical, social, childcare and personal services
  7. Le Cours Servais, prep school competitions of Public Service
  8. Ecole Chez Soi, a specialist in the construction trades and housing
  9. EMWeb, school web of trades
  10. L’École des Pros, a specialist cooking school
  11. L’ESECAD, the Commercial Studies Specialist School A Distance