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Founded in 2006, NIL Technology (NILT) is enabling high-volume manufacturing of innovative optical components. More specifically, the company is a specialist in nano-imprint lithography, providing master stamps/shims (using Silicon, Fused Silica, nickel, polymer, etc.) which form the basis for further large scale replication of the components required by markets such as Consumer Electronics, Biotechnology or the Food Industry.

As a fundamental block in the entire optics related production process, NILT translates complex and nanometric optical designs into replicable and packageable optical components. With a strong set of established customers (with >300 served to date) across these aforementioned industries from across the globe, NILT offers a unique nanotechnology to manufacture masters with optical structures such as Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE), blazed gratings, slanted gratings, Micro Lens Arrays (MLA) and large area gratings. In addition, NILT is also engaged in the prototyping and manufacturing of such compact advanced optics, thanks to its in-house Compact Nano-Imprint tool (CNI) and its capabilities in plastic replication by Injection mastering (IM) or Roll Printing (RP).