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Eyeota was acquired on November 4th 2021 by Dun & Bradstreet (NYSE:DNB). See here for the press release.

Eyeota is the global leader in audience data with 3.5 billion unique profiles across Europe, APAC and the Americas, providing marketers with the data they need to effectively target and reach the right audiences. In doing so, Eyeota optimises campaigns and costs for advertisers & also monetises data for publishers. With a global reach of region specific data, Eyeota’s data delivers deep audience insights, which ultimately enhancing how brands understand their customers at a more granular level.


Eyeota is also bringing online vast datasets from offline repositories, further opening up new monetisation opportunities for partners. With its advanced analytical capabilities and region/country specific data capture networking that accounts for cultural differences, Eyeota ensures that its data is of the highest quality & value, for advertisers & publishers alike. Taken together, this reinforces Eyeota’s ability to profile with ever-greater accuracy, as seen by the Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings, where Eyeota’s demographic data was found to deliver impressions 86% on target, compared to the third party data average of 56% accuracy (the average includes Eyeota), representing a 53% uplift in performance.