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  • Network Monitoring

CommProve is a leading provider of software and solutions for mobile network operators (MNOs), with a focus on Business Assurance, Network and Telecom Monitoring, Analytics solutions to capture cross domains Business Performance Indicators by analyzing network & subscriber data from multiple sources and transforming this data into actionable business insights. By monitoring 300 billion network events daily, CommProve gains real-time visibility into the network operations that underpin capital efficiency and financial performance. Aggregated user specific data is obtained via rapid, comprehensive and distributed network monitoring, cost-effectively processed and visualised by a centralised platform.

Telecom monitoring
  • Business Intelligence

By incorporating data on network usage, device trends, evolving consumer behaviours and more within its telecom monitoring technology, CommProve’s computerized network analytics system provides real-time business critical information and detection of Fraud, Churn, Network Traffic for Internet of Things (IOT) and more. Additionally, CommProve assists in network optimisation, generating KPI reports based on OEM (original equipment manufacturer) vendor statistics.

CommProve is headquartered in Ireland and has been privately held since it was founded in 1996.

Network and Telecom monitoring