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Blackwood Seven is an Analytics firm within Media & Marketing, using artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced platform technology to enable Advertisers to Predict, Execute & Evaluate real business outcomes of their media investments. As such, Blackwood Seven is providing genuine transparency & measurability to allow advertisers measure the efficacy & efficiency of the media spending.

By using the latest mathematics within machine learning and AI, and providing the platform with real-time environmental and market data covering; macro-economics, micro-economics, weather, media consumption, media prices, consumer confidence, stock market fluctuations and much more, Blackwood Seven’s platform allows genuine future insights, that are continually back-tested against clients sales data. In this way, media allocation spend is continually optimised to ensure maximum ROI per media campaign.

Blackwood Seven’s technology is revolutionising a bloated industry that has until now, been weighed down by subjectivity & bias that negate the financial performance of investments in advertising. Founded in 2013, Blackwood Seven is headquartered in Denmark, and with large operations in Germany, Spain & USA.BW image 2