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odor-analysisAlpha MOS is a sensory solutions pioneer of technologies with the ability to discern odours, tastes and visual patterns electronically, using a combination of specimen profiling, data analytics, chromatography and state of the art proprietary sensors. More specifically, the company develops sensing technologies that digitize the human senses, providing unique chemical fingerprints.

Its analytical instruments include electronic noses, electronic tongues and a visual analyser, and are serving industries across; food & beverages, plastic & packaging, pharmacy and those relating to environmental monitoring. Alpha MOS’ technology is a core component for companies looking to market & tailor their products optimally for consumers & businesses, providing decision tools across
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  • Product Development
  • Quality Control
  • Marketing
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Quality Assurance.

In doing so, Alpha MOS’ technology enables an unrivalled level of granular detail to help ensure minimum spoilage and maximum quality.

Founded in 1993, Alpha MOS is headquartered in (Toulouse) France, with
subsidiaries in USA (Boydsense), China & Japan.