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UnitySC continues to innovate itsinspection and metrology products to deliver solutions that address the most advanced needs across semiconductor manufacturing processes.

Grenoble, France (July 9th, 2019)— UnitySC European leader and Key player in inspection and metrology solutions, today launched Unity_ATHOS ™ system for 2D/3D advanced metrology and process control in High Density Fan-Out, Embedded Fan-Out and heterogeneous packaging with and without TSV.

Unity_ATHOS ™ new inspection and metrology system has been designed to address multiple applications including Die stacking control in Die to Wafer hybrid bonding for heterogeneous packaging, MOLD compound thinning and 3D void detection, High Density TSV (from etching to Cu nail revealing), µbump and RDL down to s/l 1/1 µm S/L.

The new released Unity_ATHOS ™platform is up to 30% faster, more accurate and with lower cost of ownership than previous TMAP generation and it is developed to meet our customer’s more advanced roadmaps as result of extended discussion with our key partners. Thanks to its modularity design, it can be configured according to each customer needs to allow flexibility and no compromise on performances.

Unity_ATHOS ™ solution can also support the control of manufacturing processes at OSAT, Foundry and IDMs in the Frontend and Backend critical processes like wafer thinning and dicing.

Unity_ATHOS ™ system can be configured to process wafers and panels up to 300mm, including thin wafers, reconstructed wafers, and wafers mounted on dicing frames.

The combination of NIR/VIS Optical Microscopy with Wide Band Interferometric and confocal chromatic techniques allows for 2D & 3D inspection for the frontside and backside of the wafer to secure the process development and succeeding High Volume manufacturing.

Unity_ATHOS ™   system is proposed today in standalone with up to three 300mm load-ports configuration, it is compatible with ISO 5 to ISO 2 manufacturing, and ready to be integrated in the same cluster of LighTiX product.

“We are proud at UnitySC to announce the release of the newly designed process control solution to serve our partners in the Semiconductor Industry and more specifically in the Advanced packaging. This new product joins the existing process control solution based on LighTiX, LightsEE & LightSpeed. It is expected to contribute significantly to consolidate the position of UnitySC as the market leader of customer-oriented solutions for the Advanced packaging arena and a partner to secure challenging manufacturing processes” said CEO of Unity SC Kamel Ait-Mahiout.

For more information about the new inspection suite, please visit UnitySC team at SEMICON® WEST, IMAPS 2019 or go to the UnitySC website: www.unity-sc.com.