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WALLDORF, GermanyOct. 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — SAP SE (NYSE:  SAP) is further strengthening its position within digital advertising delivered via the SAP Exchange Media® (SAP XM®) platform through a partnership with Blackwood Seven, the leading software company specializing in media mix planning and optimization. With this new partnership, SAP XM customers can now benefit from Blackwood Seven’s predictive modeling and media automation.

“We are pleased to partner with Blackwood Seven, which will add further expertise in our quest to provide cutting-edge, integrated end-to-end media solutions within digital advertising — from planning to execution and optimization,” said Dr. Wolfgang Faisst, co-founder and head of SAP XM.

Andreas Schwabe, general manager for Germany of New York-based Blackwood Seven, said: “At Blackwood Seven, we create accurate predictions of what effect our customers’ future marketing campaigns will have, based on advanced predictive analytics and existing business and market data. Together with SAP XM, we can now provide holistic data management of all internal and external customer data sources in a real-time approach.”

Blackwood Seven offers data-based planning, analytics and advertising effectiveness forecasts for advertisers in real time via online and offline channels so that customers have an end-to-end full-service model.

“We want to revolutionize marketing by letting advertisers predict, execute and evaluate real business outcomes of their media investments instead of relying on biased human assumptions and media metrics,” Schwabe said. “Our platform provides our customers with the ability to accurately predict the effect of their media spend. Thanks to the collaboration with SAP XM, our customers will now benefit from the end-to-end full service model on a global scale.”

SAP XM, attending Medientage München 2016 today, is dedicated to unlocking the full potential of advertisers’ media buy across the digital advertising ecosystem — bridging direct relationships between advertisers and publishers in real time.

“Both SAP XM and Blackwood Seven focus strongly on the transformation of the digital advertising market,” Faisst said. “We are both fully committed to the principle of transparency and efficiency for advertisers and publishers — and to ensure that our customers benefit from having a next-generation end-to-end advertising model to improve efficiency and performance.”

SAP XM already has strategic partnerships with agencies and partners such as Vertic, SinnerSchrader, Jung von Matt and Mercury Media, and the company is open for collaborating with everyone who commits to transparency and efficiency in the advertising market. SAP XM helps companies optimize their marketing and advertising efficiency with the SAP XM competitive edge program. The solution analyzes a company’s situation to identify savings and efficiency potential. SAP XM is a starting point for innovative collaboration, which includes the development of a common technological and business-related road map.

At Medientage München 2016 on October 26 Faisst will be part of the panel session “Big Data, or the Future of Media Agencies,” discussing the role of media agencies in the data-driven age with top-level decision makers from the media industry. The same day, Schwabe will be part of the panel session “Programmatic Advertising: Automation at Any Price?”

For information on SAP XM see www.sapexchange.media.