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In the fourth of our series of interviews with a range of business leaders & advisors, Gianbeppi FORTIS shares some of his insights surrounding innovation & scaling, with respect to R&D, M&A, company evolution and the role of technology. Gianbeppi has been the CEO of Solutions30 (EURONEXT: ALS30) since 2003. Prior to this, he was the CEO of Sirti France SA and also COO of Kast Telecom Europe.

  • About Solutions30

Solutions30 SE is a France-based company that specializes in information technology (IT) repair services for individual and business clients. Its activity is divided into five key fields, such as IT-Telecom, Energy, Audiovisual, Piont of services and Security. Solutions 30 SE has a network of locally based teams throughout France that provide on-site IT assistance either at home or in the workplace. The Company is also present in Italy. Solutions 30 SE operates through Telima Mediterranee, Telima Ile de France, Mulot Assistance, Telima Reims Family, Telima Mediterranee Family, Mixnet, B&F GmbH in Germany, Connecting Cable GmbH and Vodafone Kabel Deutschland Field Services Gmbh, among others.