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Paris, 6thJune 2019 – Jolt Capital SAS, an independent Private Equity firm specialised in Growth Capital Technology Investing that is authorised & regulated by the AMF (Autorité des Marchés Financiers) has begun its collaboration with the European Technical University EPFL, allowing Jolt Capital to boost the development of its proprietary software ‘Jolt.Ninja’, a tool designed to; detect innovative companies, accelerate any subsequent investment due diligence, and facilitate/monitor such investment processes.

Under the stewardship of Antoine Trannoy, a Partner at Jolt Capital, and with the support of the canton of Vaud, Jolt Capital will further augment its already strong competences in artificial intelligence and semantics by collaborating with Robert Van Kommer (EPFL), Dr. Martin Rajman (EPFL), and Prof. Andrei Popescu-Belis (HEIG-VD).

Situated in Lausanne, EPFL is a leading science and technology institution that is renowned for the quality of its teaching, research and innovation. With a broad diversity of students, professors and collaborators coming from more than 120 countries, it collaborates with a large network of partners including other education institutions and corporates, with the aim of generating a positive impacts for society and the broader economy.

As part of this collaboration, Martin Rajman, a researcher at EPFL, will be advising Jolt Capital on the implementation of advanced algorithms, including transfer learning. For its part, Jolt Capital will provide access to its database of more than 330,000 companies to support the development of these algorithms, which are to be geared towards automatically identifying the best investment targets befitting Jolt Capital’s investment strategy.

Philippe Laval, Chief Technology Officer at Jolt Capital commented that, “It’s a real honour and a great opportunity for Jolt Capital to have this collaboration with EPFL. Jolt is a pioneer in the use of AI for Private Equity investing and this collaboration will only further enhance this lead. With that, we’re committed to making a meaningful contribution to the academic ecosystem, and see that as part of our broader role.”

  • About Jolt Capital

Jolt Capital SAS is an independent Private Equity firm investing in fast growing, profitable, globally-oriented technology companies of European origin, with revenues between €10m and €100m. Jolt Capital has invested in and catalysed various champion technology companies, including Heptagon (now part of SIX:AMS), Inside Secure (EUR:INSD), Fogale Nanotech, Alpha Mos (EUR:ALM), Blackwood Seven, NIL Technology and 4JET. The firm is authorized and regulated by the AMF.