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Every year, December is the time to gather Jolt Capital’s LPs and portfolio CEOs for a full day of general assemblies, pitches, guest speeches and round tables. This year, on Dec. 1st 2021, we were back at the Palace of Versailles after an online edition in 2020.

2021 was a cornerstone year for Jolt Capital, with the closing of Jolt Capital IV at €271m (above the €250m target), the €500m AUM mark reached straight in the middle of the Covid crisis, the exit of Eyeota, two new investments with Virta (EV charging) and Kebony (wood transformation), the scaling of the team (+5), 4 senior advisors named to support the management company, a new branding strategy to enhance our market reach and a reinforced responsible investing focus.

During this annual day, we could get live feedback from all our portfolio companies : Florian Gallini (CEO, INTEREL), Norman Girard (CEO, EfficientIP), Dan Lee (CEO, UnitySC), Jussi Palola (CEO, Virta), Jean-Claude Martinez (Chairman, Vectaury), Theodor Nielsen (CEO, NILT), Jörg Jetter (CEO, 4JET), Henrik Busch (CEO, Blackwood Seven), Thomas Vanholme (CFO, Kebony), Pierre Sbabo (CEO, AlphaMOS) and Alexandre Bilger (CEO, Sinequa).

We also featured 4 guests speakers : Kristina Prokop (CEO, Eyeota), Andre Loesekrug-Pietri (Chairman, JEDI), Fabio Violante (CEO, Arduino) and Paul Hermelin (Chairman, Capgemini).