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Paris, 13th March 2019 – Jolt Capital SAS, an independent Private Equity firm specialised in Growth Capital Technology Investing that is authorised & regulated by the AMF (Autorité des Marchés Financiers) is happy announce its participation in InnoRate, a European Union Horizon 2020 project with the aim of facilitating the financing of innovative SMEs by enhancing the decision-making / investment allocation process.

Understanding well the transformative potential & scaling power of analytics & data within Private Equity, Jolt Capital made the decision in 2016 to invest in artificial intelligence and semantics to equip itself with a specificially designed and dedicated tool. Since then, Jolt’s R&D team, led by Philippe Laval (founder of both Sinequa and Evercontact) have built ‘Jolt.Ninja’, a proprietary software that can; detect innovative companies, suggest where to invest, accelerate due diligence, and facilitate the monitoring of the investment process, among other things.

Each month, Jolt.Ninja analyses 15,000 new companies and then searches for those which are most likely to be of interest to the Jolt Capital investment strategy before presenting them to the team.

As part of InnoRate, Jolt Capital brings the insights of an experienced investor already focused on financing innovative European SMEs and it specific competences in the effective use of deep learning and AI. The InnoRate project includes 9 participating firms from 6 countries, including Ernst & Young, TechTour and Korea Technology Finance Corporation.

“This project, in many ways, validates our vision of how Private Equity investing will change in the future, becoming a profession of operational experts who are data proficient and equipped with ever more powerful analytical tools. Our participation will allow us to contribute to the continued development of the European ecosystem that supports innovative SMEs, and to further accelerate Jolt.Ninja’s development,” said Philippe Laval, Chief Data Officer of Jolt Capital.

For more information on the InnoRate H2020 project, consult: https://ebn.eu/project/innorate

  • About Jolt Capital

Jolt Capital SAS is an independent Private Equity firm investing in fast growing, profitable, globally-oriented technology companies of European origin, with revenues between €10m and €100m. Jolt Capital has invested in and catalysed various champion technology companies, including Heptagon (now part of SIX:AMS), Inside Secure (EUR:INSD), Fogale Nanotech, Alpha Mos (EUR:ALM), Blackwood Seven, NIL Technology and 4JET. The firm is authorized and regulated by the AMF, and manages around €150m.