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Jean Schmitt, President and Managing Partner at Jolt Capital, shared the stage with Philippe Tibi during a recent workshop at IPEM 2021 in Paris. This session was dedicated to the scaling of European tech companies.

Philippe Tibi rammed home the crucial necessity for pension funds and insurance companies to wake up to the PE asset class, especially in the tech universe : “shying away from technology investing today would be as ill-advised for them as ignoring the automotive or space industries in the 50s and 60s”. He also reminded us that when the regulation changed in the US in the mid-seventies, allowing pension funds to diversify towards VC and PE, it led to a tipping point and a massive financial influx into innovative tech companies. We need a similar nudge effect here in Europe.

Jean Schmitt took the stage to highlight several pillars of Jolt Capital‘s creed :
1- Europe is an #IP powerhouse and its intellectual property assets are still grossly undervalued, which should give us a leg-up.
2- #Deeptech#B2B companies are international from day 1, it’s not a choice, it’s a built-in feature, since value chains are inherently global.
3- At Jolt Capital we like investing in companies that demonstrate some financial discipline before unleashing the spending of the freshly invested capital.
4- Some companies acquire others as a way to hide mistakes or strategic gaps : M&A is often necessary, but for the good reasons.
5- Contrary to popular belief, growing an Internet Goliath may require way more capital than funding deeptech leaders, even if they include fabs !

(photo of Philippe Tibi and Jean Schmitt courtesy of IPEM)