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Proprietary Infrared Pattern Combined with Stereoscopy Eliminates Third-Party Interference, Improves System Performance Across Light Conditions, and Reduces Computational Complexity of Stereoscopy, Enabling New Architectures

5th January 2017, SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Heptagon (www.hptg.com) today announced the introduction of BELICE, a stereoscopy illumination platform including a suite of advanced algorithms and software solutions to enable very cost-efficient and high-quality 3D vision. The proprietary infrared dot pattern reduces the computational complexity compared to passive stereoscopy. This extends battery life in mobile applications and increases refresh frequencies. The solution delivers high-quality 3D vision at very competitive price points, enabling 3D vision in new applications.

“Many emerging markets such as augmented reality and virtual reality, mobile, drones, or IOT products require cost-efficient miniaturized 3D vision technology,” says Dr. Erik H. Volkerink, Chief Business Officer of Heptagon, “The BELICE illumination platform enables highly configurable, cost-efficient stereoscopy, optimized for this specific application, without third-party infrared interference issues.”

“DAQRI Smart Helmet is a visionary tool for the 21st century worker. As a leader in augmented reality, we opted to utilize Heptagon’s advanced infrared dot-pattern illumination solution to power our 3D camera,” says Roy Ashok, Chief Product Officer at DAQRI. “Heptagon’s illumination technology is enabling 3D vision in a very compelling fashion.”

The platform can be optimized according to cost, resolution, field-of-illumination, power, and frequency, depending on specific application needs. In applications, such as automotive cockpits, aerospace cockpits, or very large touchless displays, creating a 3D vision system that covers the desired space, under all lighting conditions, and with minimal shades, is challenging. The BELICE platform solves this by mounting multiple illuminators at different locations to ensure the space is well illuminated, while the proprietary pattern prevents negative interference between patterns. One of the main challenges in infrared-based image systems is interference by other systems (e.g., other 3D vision systems, security cameras). The BELICE proprietary pattern solves this issue without needing to enable communications between the systems. In addition, the pattern allows fast identification of outdoor issues through a simple Fast Fourier Transform, enabling adaptive stereo where the stereoscopy system incrementally moves from active to passive stereo for outdoor performance.

“We are delighted to introduce the new BELICE platform,” says Matthias Gloor, General Manager of the Illumination Business Unit. “The defocus-free dot pattern is generated by Heptagon’s wafer-level integration with proprietary replicated optics, and with its high density of dots, BELICE delivers superior performance.”

BELICE also includes a proprietary package encapsulating the lens on the side, providing an extra security layer for eye safety and suppressing stray light sideways. The module is compatible with state-of-the-art assembly processes and is reflow solder compatible. It features a compact package size with reduced z-height, which can be thermally mounted directly onto the chuck, and is ideal for use in mobile devices for both indoor and outdoor use. BELICE achieves its high optical efficiency by maximizing thermal conductivity for optimal heat management.

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