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Organized on Oct. 6th 2021, Ep. 4 of “Le Salon Jolt” explored how the geopolitical situation, the global pandemics, the supply chain challenges and the ESG awareness are changing the market dynamics and the way we manufacture and deliver goods. All presentations had something in common : complex global problems only find hybrid and combined responses.

François Barbier (Group President Global Operations and Components at Flex) showed during his keynote how one of the largest electronics designers and manufacturers in the world is combining a series of advanced manufacturing technologies to weather the « supply chain storms » and reinvent logistics end-to-end.

Emile de Rijk (founder & CEO of SWISSto12) explained the journey of a provider of 3D-printed telecom systems
for the aerospace industry which combines layer-by-layer fabrication (for complex and compact designs) and special surface plating (for signal transmission efficiency).

Michel Morvan (founder and executive chairman of Cosmo Tech) offered his views about the advent of 360° Simulation Digital Twin softwares to solve the most complex industrial problems, by combining big data to understand the current state of supply chains and complex modeling to allow predictive and prescriptive insights and scenarios about the future.

Lasse Staal (co-founder and CEO of AddiFab) introduced the concept of freeform injection molding that combines additive manufacturing (to print intricate and sacrificial molds) with injection molding (to manufacture large volumes).

Le Salon Jolt is a series of thematic webinars dedicated to investors and invitation-only guests.
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